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ABC for Demining &UXO
A.B.C International Company Headquartered in Italy- Florence, with principal office in Iraq, as Specialists in Mine Action Services .
Our Mine Action Services include:


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The requested demining works according to the Military Administration prescriptions will be done as follows:
Historiographical Analysis.
Surface Clearance through search and Location of War surplus explosive device that has to be preformed all over the area interested on the mine works, included demining site land and material storage area. The Surface Clearance is done by skilled workers, with BCM Certificate and it keeps a safety margin until 100 cm, from topographical area.
Deep Clearance. through search and Location of War surplus explosive, that is done by upright drilling tools with orthogonal stitch of 2.80*2.80 mt, these dip until the depth indicated by the military Administration with the use of metal-detector that have to be insert into the hole.

Potential Digging Works by Hand and Mechanichel Machines to search and Location of War surplus explosive and ferrous mass detected with the previous actions. The Mechanichel Machines are driven by skilled operator ever supervised and headed by the technical skilled Assistant BCM.
The Activities that ABC preformed and currently performs in the specific sector aren’t limited to simple Battle Area Clearance interventions, but involve all significant branches of Mine Action in the full respect of the UN International Mine Action Standards               ( IMAS ).
Training Local Personal . at all levels envisaged for developing the management of operations and technical control of the same :
( Project Manager, Technical Supervisors, Topographers, officers expert in the geographic Information System ( GIS ), Operations officers, Team Leaders, Deminers / Searchers.
We have Employs highly qualified Staff with the appropriate licences issued by the compertent authorities, after successful completion of oppropriate training-IMAS EOD Level 3 and Level 4.

Underwater Clearance

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A.B.C. executes also Underwater inspections ( sea , lakes , rivers ) propaedeutic to clearance of explosive devices .
High Skilled Personal owning specific patents both EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal), both O.T.S ( Technical Diver ) .


A.B.C GENERAL ENGINEERING adopts International Mine ActionStandard Procedures (S.O.P.) and Technical Field Manuals for clearing minefields and mine-clearing management.

Procurement of special materials and protective equipment according to IMAS-International Mine Action Standards, by the planning,organising,coordinating and developing mine clearing activities and using a high percentage of local specialists for the systematic mine clearance of areas.

Organisation, coordination and development of Technical Survey activities for Area Reduction of the zones at risk.
Marking out and drawing up the maps according to GIS.

Clearance of zones at risk due to the presence of mines and unexploded bombs (Explosive Remnants of war – ERW),in favour of the realisation of constructions (bridges, buildings, etc.), roads electricity power lines, waterworks lines, the organisation of oilfields, the realization of pipelines and to make searches of archaeology in complete safety when it works in affected areas for the presence of ERW.


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نشاط العبوات __ IED

نشاط العبوات __ IED


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